Industrial Hemp Leader element6 Dynamics 2022 Farm Partner Program to Grow Over Four Million Pounds of Industrial Hemp in 2022

Farmer contracts include guaranteed acquisition of harvest with advance payments
May 11, 2022 11:05 AM ET

SANTA FE, N.M. and LONGMONT, Colo. May 11, 2022 /3BL Media/ - element6 Dynamics, a leading provider of nature-based solutions to industry that accelerate the regeneration of the planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance, today announced the official launch of its Farm Partner Program. element6 Dynamics is paying farmers to grow over four million pounds of industrial hemp in 2022, which it will process into various materials to be incorporated into a range of end products. Over 80 percent of this year’s production has already been pre-purchased by industrial customers. The element6 Dynamics’ Farm Partner Program, with the help of private investor support, will support U.S. farmers including partnerships with BIPOC farmers in producing 140 million pounds of industrial hemp next year, putting the company on a trajectory to provide the volume necessary to meet the scale requirements for supply chains in target industries including paper and plastics.

“Our Farm Partner Program is a revolutionary step toward the rapid expansion and usage of industrial hemp on a global scale,” said element6 Dynamics CEO Kim Kovacs. “Much like Tesla was in the early days, element6 Dynamics has a global vision and mission to solve the major carbon problem. Tesla relied on key stakeholders, the government and strategic partnerships leading to an eventual reduction of 2 million tons of carbon being contributed to the atmosphere annually. Only by achieving industrial scale through the same types of partnerships can we open the door of innovation and create positive environmental change. In 2022, we are taking our first step towards achieving that scale.”

element6 Dynamics’ corporate focus is dedicated to research and development and a commitment to contracting with farmers in the U.S. to produce thousands of tons of industrial hemp cultivated on over one million acres and building processing facilities that transform the crop into essential hemp-derived materials for major industries.

According to Alex Mootz, president of Complete Agronomy Solutions based in Wisconsin, “We take great pride in assisting element6 Dynamics in harnessing the power of science to regenerate our planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance-at scale. To fully unleash the impact the hemp plant can have on our environment, it is going to take programs like the element6 Dynamics Farm Partner Program to change the trajectory on hemp for good on our planet. Their vision for this partnership and industry starts with the farmer. I see this crop as a new beginning for the agricultural space.”

element6 Dynamics uses the industrial hemp plant to capture carbon from the atmosphere, locking it into its plant fibers and into the soil, where it has many beneficial effects including soil regeneration and the reduction of toxins. The company’s nature-based solutions further impact the planet by reducing tree harvesting, hydrocarbon emissions, and livestock methane emissions.

“We are underway with our farm partners for this 2022 farming season,” said Isaac Cohen, EVP, Cultivation at element6 Dynamics. “Our largest acreage will be in Colorado, Wisconsin and Kansas with smaller cultivations in other parts of the U.S. Many of our partners have been successfully farming hemp in the U.S. for several years and are multigenerational farmers. This level of experience and dedication is the cornerstone of element6 Dynamics’ plan to have over one million acres of hemp contracted for and in cultivation by 2027.”

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About element6 Dynamics
element6 Dynamics, formerly Santa Fe Farms, provides nature-based solutions to industry that accelerate the regeneration of the planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance. Its large-scale cultivation of industrial hemp will sequester vast amounts of carbon and be processed into essential, value-added, hemp-derived materials for major paper/pulp and plastics manufacturers that further impact the planet by reducing tree harvesting and hydrocarbon emissions. The company will also be both a net-negative carbon business and an important source of nature-based carbon offsets used by enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements. For more information, visit