The Impact of Supply Chain Sustainability: Growth, Valuation, Brand and Society

Dec 13, 2021 9:00 AM ET

Visionary CEOs and executives recognize that sustainability isn’t an either-or scenario. Consumers, legislators and investors increasingly look to corporate businesses to serve a social purpose.

Committing to purpose and aligning with the SDGs is good for business and society. Improving sustainability performance in the supply chain is key in driving results. Find out how leaders are turning to procurement to take action on the SDGs and improve sustainability performance among their suppliers.

Procurement stands at the intersection of business models and global impact. This e-book summarizes the immense pressure, the unprecedented opportunity for the procurement function, and a path forward:

  • Why cross-business collaboration is key to reaching SDG targets

  • Which essential tools are creating alignment on ESG action and impact

  • Ways to leverage the supply chain to build long-term, sustainable value

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