How to Use the TalkBack Screen Reader on Your Peloton Equipment

You’ll find this accessibility feature on your Bike—and now, also on your Tread.
Sep 6, 2022 3:00 PM ET
Woman using touch screen with text '"30 minute Classical Run"'

Here at Peloton, we believe that everyone deserves a top-notch workout. We’re always looking to make our classes accessible to as many Members as possible.

In that spirit, we’re excited to introduce the TalkBack screen reader to the Peloton Tread. This accessibility feature guides our blind and low-vision Members through class with audio cues.

How does TalkBack work?

TalkBack is a screen reader that you can use to navigate through your touchscreen on both Bike and Tread. It voices all selected text and also periodically reads out vital information such as class completion, and either cadence/resistance (on Bike) or speed/incline (on Tread). On Tread, it also sounds out upon speed and incline changes.

Where do I enable TalkBack?

Tap the settings icon on your Bike or Tread touchscreen. Select Device Settings, and then Accessibility. From there, you can toggle TalkBack on or off as needed.

For more information:

For further information on operating the Google Talkback feature on your device, read our article on Peloton Accessibility: TalkBack Screen Reader.

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For more on our commitment to accessibility:

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