How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success

By securing the future of agriculture workers, Nespresso secures its own long-term growth.
Feb 24, 2015 10:00 AM ET

How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success

Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin is well aware that the success of his business depends on the success of local farmers. Through that connection, Nespresso—a brand of shared value pioneer Nestlé—creates long-term value for local agricultural systems to ensure success for not only his business, but also society.

In this latest installment of the Leading Shared Value series, the Shared Value Initiative interviews Duvoisin in preparation for his upcoming presentation at the Shared Value Leadership Summit in May 2015. When asked why shared value is a priority for him as the leader of Nespresso, he said: 

"Creating Shared Value (CSV) is essential to build a sustainable future for our business and secure our brand promise of coffee quality and taste. It is about securing the future of the farmers we work with and ensuring they run sustainable businesses, so we can deliver on our brand promise to our customers. Without creating value for the farmers we work with and ensuring they are sustainable, we couldn’t be sustainable ourselves. It is also about bringing value to our consumers. By working closely with farmers, we can ensure high quality sustainable coffees for our consumers, regularly bring new exceptional coffee experiences to them, but also secure long-term supply to ensure we remain sustainable as a company. For shared value to be created, the approach has to be closely connected to one’s business model. That’s why CSV is embedded in our company..." Read the rest of the interview at: How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success.

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