How Neil Doherty and Sysco’s Culinary Team Help Operators Meet Today’s Labor Challenges

As senior director of global culinary development, Doherty and Sysco’s 87 chefs develop solutions to ease back-of-house operations.
Jan 24, 2024 7:59 AM ET
Headshot of Neil Doherty
Image courtesy of Restaurant Business Magazine

By Patricia Cobe

Originally published by Patricia Cobe on Restaurant Business Magazine

Neil Doherty’s official job title at Sysco is senior director of global culinary development, but it wouldn't be wrong to call him “chief problem solver” for the broadline distributor.

He works along with the 87 chefs Sysco employs at 32 test kitchen sites around the country to help operators in every segment source products to meet back-of-house challenges. Right now, the biggest challenge is labor. Kitchens in restaurants, colleges, healthcare and other segments are still understaffed or short of skilled workers.

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