How Autism In The Workplace Transcends Charity

By Sarah Harvey, Global Corporate Affairs Specialist, SAP
Apr 14, 2015 2:05 PM ET

Original content on Forbes

Last week the United Nations celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by urging employers to hire individuals on the autism spectrum. The Call to Action – announced by Secretary General Ban Ki Moon – supports the growing belief that employing this untapped talent pool will greatly benefit the global economy.

The UN welcomed multinational corporations to testify on the success of autism at work programs, as well as academics, policymakers, and employees who advocated for the importance of workplace inclusion.

“You don’t do it out of charity,” said Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware. “It’s good for the bottom line… It’s a win-win-win situation.” Anyone with the ability to work deserves to experience the self-fulfillment that comes from a having a job, Markell argued. And when people with diverse capabilities find suitable employment, the benefits are felt by businesses, governments, and the employees themselves. Hiring employees with autism is simply good business.

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Original source: Forbes