Holiday Tips: Green

Holiday Tips: Green

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 2:35pm

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Being green during the holidays does not have to be hard. Here are some great tips to help you "Green" your holiday:

1)     Bring your own reusable bag instead of using the one provided by the store. They can be folded easily into purses and pockets until used.

2)     Shop for gifts at second hand stores, flea markets and consignment shops.

3)     When buying gifts that will be mailed out, try to pick items that are easy to ship and don’t require excess packaging.

4)     Make edible gifts such as: breads, cookies, or herbed vinegars. Gift the items in reusable container, like mason jars or tins.

5)     Doing your holiday shopping online is great green alternative, not only do you avoid the crowds but shipping trucks can deliver goods efficiently since they bundle deliveries.

6)     When looking for gifts choose products made from recycled materials and/or with minimal recyclable packaging.

7)     Send e-cards instead of mailing cards they are an effective way to reduce waste.

8)     When placing your orders online opt-out of receiving mailed catalogs and flyers.

9)     When gift shopping, look for gifts that are long-lasting and durable. Items that are cheaply made break easier and will just create waste.

10)  When shopping for your holiday meal menu,  check out farmer’s markets and your local grocery store for locally produced food items.