Hershey: Responsible Sourcing

Mar 24, 2021 1:35 PM ET

Originally published by The Hershey Company

As an industry leader, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest quality, safety and sustainability standards. Our Responsible Sourcing strategy guides how we positively contribute to the sustainability and livelihoods of the communities and ecosystems we depend on to source ingredients, manufacture and deliver our products.

Guided by Hershey’s commitments to  Human Rights and the Environment, our Responsible Sourcing approach is designed to move beyond risk mitigation and compliance to deliver positive impact in Hershey’s end-to-end supply chain by working closely with our suppliers, farmers and industry partners to ensure the long-term sustainability of our supply chain. This approach was developed in consultation with diverse internal and external stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, human rights groups and nonprofits that work in our raw materials value chain, among others.

Our Responsible Sourcing strategy includes four key focus areas:

Fostering Sustainable Agricultural Communities: Hershey's beloved brands rely on ingredients and raw materials grown and provided by millions of people all over the world. Hershey is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of sourcing our ingredients and raw materials and building resilient agricultural communities by addressing the social and economic challenges they face. Learn more about our Priority Ingredients and Raw Materials and our Cocoa For Good Program…

Promoting Transparency: Hershey is dedicated to a transparent supply chain. We are committed to knowing and understanding where, how and who grows and manufactures the ingredients and raw materials that make up our Hershey brands. We are committed to traceability and mapping our supply chain so we can best invest in the people and ecosystems we rely on and measure, communicate and share the progress of our investments. Learn more from our Sustainability Reports and our Responsible Sourcing Policies…

Responsibly Sourcing Goods and Services: Hershey is committed to delivering an ethical and sustainable supply chain, and we count on our vast network of suppliers and business partners across the globe to help us. We engage our suppliers around the expectations set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as on respecting human rights and reducing their environmental impact. Learn more about our Responsible Sourcing Supplier Program and Supplier Diversity…

Building Hershey Capabilities: The integration of Hershey's Responsible Sourcing strategy across the enterprise is integral to our business strategy and long-term success. We provide our remarkable people across Hershey with training, tools and technology to achieve our Responsible Sourcing commitments.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Ingredient Sourcing Policies can be found here.

For more information, please contact: responsiblesourcing@hersheys.com