Herbalife Nutrition's Commitment to Building a Thriving, Inclusive Work Culture

Herbalife Nutrition recognizes diversity as a strength, celebrates multiculturalism, and promotes fairness and equality.
Dec 3, 2021 3:05 PM ET

By Herbalife

At Herbalife Nutrition, they are committed to building a thriving work culture for all through various programs and initiatives. When human connection and work ethics are integrated and prioritized in the workplace, teamwork collaboration becomes an excellent conduit for success. Herbalife Nutrition is dedicated to building a thriving work culture in the workplace because they care about improving employees’ health and wellness, cultivating an inclusive work environment, and advancing servant leadership and professional growth programs for everyone.

These are the pillars of their Human Resources strategy: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Health, Wellness, and Safety, and Performance and Professional Development.

At Herbalife Nutrition, being a purposeful and human-driven employer means being intentional, meaningful, and caring in inspiring our people. They believe it is critical for the long-term success of our business to foster an environment that reflects their values, encourages, and enables inclusion, and promotes collaboration and well-being. They strive to empower their people to realize their full professional and personal potential and achieve their ambitions by creating a culture that increases their capacity to learn, grow and innovate.

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