Helping Students Break Into the Hospitality Industry

Valley High School, Las Vegas Career Day
Jun 12, 2018 9:20 AM ET

As featured in the Las Vegas Sands 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

This past year, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Sands Expo in Las Vegas hosted 50 students from Valley High School’s Jobs for Americas Graduates (JAG) Program. The day of tours and workshops were held to expose the students to the opportunities in the hospitality industry. JAG is a highly effective, data-driven model that raises graduation rates and prepares participants by honing their work readiness skills.

“It is vital that we invest our time to help promote interest in our industry and to help guide the next generation’s workforce,” said Thomas Shirasaka, assistant executive chef at The Venetian and The Palazzo. “Hopefully, we piqued the interests of the students in joining this industry. We all know that there is a lot of hard work involved in this industry, but it is also very rewarding. It’s not your standard 9-to-5 job sitting in a cubicle.”

JAG students graduate at higher rates than their peers and are exceptionally prepared with a toolbox of workplace skills that lead to success at work, in post-secondary education, and even in the military. The program includes specialized curriculum, mentorship, follow-up programs, and supportive services to ensure barriers to education, such as home situation, low-income, or lack of resources and supplies, are removed to ensure a successful path to graduation.

“I feel privileged to spend time with the next generation, who one day will run our businesses and our governments,” Max Tappeiner, vice president of hotel operations, said. “By spending time with them, I hope to instill some of the virtues that have allowed me to enjoy professional success. This generation will face unprecedented challenges and only with a strong moral compass and strong convictions will this generation overcome future challenges.”

Team Members conducted departmental tours and hands-on demonstrations of different working areas of the hotel and casino including hotel operations, security, information technology, and the kitchens. In addition, students were able to “speed date” with more than 20 different departments to learn how they contribute to the property’s operation. To conclude the day, Tappeiner shared inspirational words and candid stories of his own experience in the hospitality industry. He urged students to follow their passions but also to set realistic goals and to try new things.

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