Held to Fiber Standards: Read More About Sappi's Conversion to Dissolving Pulp

One hundred percent of our fiber is procured in accordance with the SFI® Fiber Sourcing standard as well as the FSC® Controlled Wood standard.
Dec 17, 2014 8:30 AM ET
Sustainability Report 2013: Fiber

These third-party certification programs provide assurance that wood-based products have been procured from well-managed forests and are legally harvested. In 2013 we converted our pulp mill at the Cloquet facility to manufacture dissolving pulp; as such, we are purchasing more kraft fiber than in prior years to support the papermaking operations at that mill. All of our purchased pulp was certified by one or more standards, which is reflected in higher FSC® fiber numbers as well as higher “triple certified” fiber. The Point of Harvest certified fiber refers to wood fiber harvested by certified loggers not otherwise certified to one of the forest management standards. Our recycled fiber is derived from post-consumer sources and is also FSC® certified. We do not have a deinking facility in any of our operations. All recycled fiber is purchased within North America and is processed chlorine free (PCF). All kraft pulp is elemental chlorine free (ECF) and is either made on-site or purchased within North America.

Read the full SFPNA Sustainability Report 2013 by downloading an online PDF version directly from our website here or for more on sustainability, check out our eQ microsite at: http://www.na.sappi.com/eQ/index.html