Healthy Housing: Strategies for Action - #3BLchat / #HHChallenge

by David Connor
Jun 16, 2014 4:30 PM ET

Did you know over 30 million US homes are creating serious health risks and issues?

The National Center for Healthy Housing (@NCHH) and Rebuilding Together (@RebldgTogthr) united via #3BLchat to raise awareness, explain the challenges and offer solutions for individuals and organisations alike to improve the living conditions for countless people across the country.

The Healthy Housing Challenge (#HHChallenge) is a partnership between NCHH and Rebuilding Together, with funding support from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation. Rebuilding Together’s 200 affiliates coordinate 100,000 volunteers providing repairs and improvements at no charge to the homes of low-income seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and families with children.

With so many homes requiring even just basic improvements it is essential to spread the information via routes such as social media to more effectively engage with both those in need of assistance, and also with supporters to accelerate the impact nationally.

With great examples and tips such as a $2 nightlight on dimly lit halls and stairways to avoid tripping, there were plenty of affordable solutions suggested, in addition to the bigger more costly jobs that many simply can’t afford.

@KathyGerwig from Kaiser Permanente also shared their latest commitment (see Shared Resources below) to the removal of potentially hazardous chemicals through their furniture supply chain.

For a list of all the day’s #3BLchat / #HHChallenge questions, answers and selected additional tweets check out our Storify version of the event here.


Also check out @NCHH and @RebldgTogthr’s websites here:


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