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Greenspiration Home Searches for Non-Profit(s) to Benefit Thru Long Term Partnership
May 5, 2011 7:00 AM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Greensboro, N.C. - May 5, 2011 - Greenspiration Home LLC is looking to create a long term partnership with up to three non-profit agencies to benefit with a significant portion of proceeds from sponsor sales on the Greenspiration Home website.  The website, which uses an engaging, peer-to-peer format for educating homeowners about green building, is accepting proposals from non-profits for a giving relationship that lasts a year or more.   Proposals from non-profit agencies will be evaluated based on concurrent values with Greenspiration Home and the agency’s ability and commitment to partner with Greenspiration Home in a powerful communications campaign.

“We are seeking non-profits whose work excites us and who are also excited about our own initiatives to educate homeowners about sustainability.  The agency or agencies need not be involved in green building per se, just creative and passionate their cause and ours,” said Trish Holder, creator and publisher of Greenspiration Home.

Greenspiration Home is as much about benefiting people as the environment, explained Holder, so the “human factor” is an important part of this search. 

“Environmental issues can be very abstract to the average homeowner so our approach is to always educate homeowners about how their choices impact the health and welfare of their families.  Bottom line – we care about people and this needs to be at the heart of any non-profit we choose to support.”

In addition to this special synergy with Greenspiration Home, a suitable non-profit must be willing to partner on mutually beneficial campaigns that incorporate website exposure, e-newsletters, press releases, social media, and other forms of publicity.  The agency must be willing to work with Greenspiration Home on strategy and goals.  The ultimate goal will be a successful co-branding strategy that generates income and creates awareness for Greenspiration Home and the non-profit(s).

The percentage of proceeds that Greenspiration Home will donate is significant – a minimum of $100.00 and up to $1000.00 in donations per each new sponsorship that is sold during the partnership period.  The more successful the partnership, the more likely that the relationship will continue long term.

“As a new company, it is tempting to want to put every penny we earn right back into the pot.  But if we start out giving, then giving becomes a part of who we are – and it never feels like a sacrifice,” said Holder.

Interested non-profits should contact Trish Holder via email at

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