Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting: Most Important 2013 Developments, Radar 2014, and Key Policy Issues and Players

Jan 27, 2014 9:35 AM ET

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Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting:

Most Important 2013 Developments, Radar 2014,

and Key Policy Issues and Players

JANUARY 30, 2014, 11:00am-12:30pm ET


An Unmissable Comprehensive Briefing and Annual Wrap-Up by Experts

For Corporate Management, Boards, Asset Owners/Managers, Analysts, Risk Managers, Auditors, Attorneys, Policymakers, Regulators, and NGOs

New York, NY – Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ and CSR Insight™ LLC are hosting the first annual wrap-up and analysis of the key 2013 Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting developments and initiatives, and the must-watch 2014 developments and issues, with expert analysis and commentary. Please join us for this highly informative and unique educational Webinar, from the leading worldwide expert on Global ESG Regulation and Reporting. In 90 succinct minutes you will have the knowledge you need to understand:  

  • The most influential 2013 developments worldwide in ESG regulation and ESG voluntary reporting;
  • What should be on your radar screen and board agenda for 2014; and
  • The critical policy considerations, and the main power brokers, to move the world forward on harmonized global ESG reporting as a key facilitator of planetary sustainability.

A live Q and A session will give you the opportunity to ask questions of the Speakers. After the Webinar, you receive the recording and the Speaker presentations to review at your leisure.   Registration is now open. Capacity is limited and early registration is recommended. Please note that all Registrants, whether or not you attend the live Webinar, will receive the Webinar recording and the Speaker presentations.  

PROGRAM AGENDA and SPEAKERS are set forth below. See EVENT SITE for full details:  


  • International Scan of 2013 ESG Financial Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting Developments: Regulatory Reporting: European Union, China, South Africa, SEC Enforcement, and more. Voluntary Reporting: GRI, CDP, UNGC, IIRC, SASB, SSE, and more.
  • Benchmarking the World’s Composite Stock Exchanges for Sustainability Disclosure: Key Findings, Analysis, and Recommendations.
  • Key Policy Issues and Players: What critical ESG reporting issues and problems need to be addressed now; what is the role of financial regulators and who are the main power brokers worldwide for ESG financial reporting.


* Linda M. Lowson, Esq., CEO and Chief Counsel, Global ESG Regulatory Academy™

* Stathis Gould, Senior Technical Manager and Head of PAIB, IFAC

* Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights and CK Capital

* Chris Fowle, V.P., Investor Initiatives, CDP  


The 20% Registration Fee Discount has been extended for a limited time: US$199 for U.S. registrants, US$219 for non-U.S. registrants; contact us for 3-or-more group registrations.   For registration, Speaker, or Sponsor queries, contact Linda M. Lowson, Esq. at

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Independent Professional Education on Global ESG Regulation and Reporting:
  • Gain Essential Knowledge to Avoid Serious Liabilities: ESG regulatory and voluntary reporting are now strategic, stakeholder, and regulatory imperatives, and represent a whole new world of requirements and liabilities that is here to stay. This is the future of financial reporting, affecting every global capital market participant. Be proactive, not reactive, and you will reap the professional and financial rewards.
  • Receive Important Guidance to Better Manage ESG issues and Fulfill Internal and External Stakeholder Expectations: Whether you are a C-Suite, Board Member, Finance, Legal, Audit, Risk,Compliance, Strategy, Sustainability, Analyst, Researcher, Asset Manager, or Asset Owner executive, our educational events provide expert knowledge, insight, and guidance at nominal cost, so that you can better understand and manage these two important reporting worlds for maximum benefit and efficiency.
  • The Only Authoritative Source and Venue for Independent Professional Education on Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting: We are the only independent provider of Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting Education, and completed a comprehensive 5-year, US$5.5 million Global ESG Regulatory and Voluntary Reporting Research Program to develop the Knowledge Base that underpins our expert education.