General Mills Working with Farmers to Grow Sustainable Wheat

Aug 8, 2012 5:00 PM ET
General Mills is working with Idaho farmers to grow sustainable wheat

Growing sustainable wheat in Idaho

Southeastern Idaho is truly spectacular. The Rocky Mountains set an idyllic scene for the abundant fields that blanket the region, which is one of the largest producers of wheat in the country. Farmers here are typically on a crop rotation cycle that includes the famous Idaho potato, sugar beets and wheat.

Much of the wheat grown in Idaho is harvested and used in the breakfast cereals that millions of Americans enjoy every day – like Wheaties, Total and Fiber One.

Needless to say, the sustainable future of wheat is important to our business.

Last month, I traveled to Idaho to learn more about a wheat pilot program General Mills is working on through Field to Market: The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture.

Through the pilot, we’re working with approximately 25 growers to learn more about how their on-farm decisions impact yields and the environment.

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