The Future Is Digital: Get Started With GRI’s Digital Reporting Tool

Jul 2, 2018 11:00 AM ET

Companies invest considerable time and resources to ensure that their reports are prepared in accordance with GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards, that the information is accurate, and that it reflects its true contributions to sustainable development. ​The entire organization is mobilized, and data is collected. But after the report is launched, often a PDF languishes somewhere on a website, all the valuable data locked within. And so, neither the company nor its stakeholders make the best use of the wealth of information that is made available through sustainability reporting. 

GRI's Digital Reporting Tool

GRI has developed a Digital Reporting Tool, which will help report preparers customize their own set of material metrics drawn from the GRI Standards, map their data needs and include responses to the selected disclosures, all in one easy to use interface. This tool will enable easy access to the reported information at a disclosure level through publishing the report on GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database (SDD).  

The tool has been made possible with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and inspired by the work done for the Digital Reporting Platform under the Competitive Business Program that is funded by Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

GRI will continue putting the building blocks in place to facilitate the open and free flow of company self-reported, standardized sustainability data in digital format.

Corporate Leadership Group on Digital Reporting

Companies that are interested in thinking about, conceptualizing, and testing ideas for using digital means to engage in sustainability reporting are also invited to join GRI’s Corporate Leadership Group on Digital Reporting

If you have at least 2 cycles of reporting experience and are a user of the GRI Standards we invite you to participate in the 2-year program. Through a series of online and face-to-face meetings, GRI will facilitate a discussion around questions such as: What would new technologies, such as blockchain, mean for the analysis and safekeeping of data? What opportunities are made available by the technological changes? How can we obtain data that is more current, and more applicable? And what about security concerns?

Engage with us, and join the digital wave!

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