Forbes and Statista Names Hallmark Among its Best Employers for Women

Nov 7, 2018 9:25 AM ET

Originally posted on Forbes

The nation’s top employers for women know that cultivating a culture that’s beneficial to women is an ongoing process. Even Hallmark—where 83% of employees, 40% of senior managers and 75% of board members are women—must work at it every day. “This practice of diversity and inclusion doesn’t have an endpoint,” says Philip Polk, vice president of diversity and inclusion at the Kansas City, Missouri-headquartered business. “It’s a journey that continues as our workforce continues to evolve.”

Partnerships with organizations such as the Network of Executive Womenand Management Leaders for Tomorrow helped the greeting card company secure the No. 3 spot with a score of 89, as did internal groups, like the Hallmark Women’s Network. And benefits ranging from expectant mother parking spaces to nursing rooms aim to retain women, so they can continue to ascend, no matter what the circumstances of their personal lives. After all, says Polk, female leaders are critical to Hallmark’s success. “We’re in the business of strengthening relationships and enriching lives,” says Polk. “Caring for employees is a strong part of our DNA, of our internal culture.”

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Download Hallmark's 2017 Caring In Action Report here.