FCA US Got a Little Wild for Earth Day

Two-toed sloth, bald eagle and boa constrictor visit North American headquarters
Apr 24, 2017 3:30 PM ET

The FCA US Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center (CTC) in Michigan got a little wild last week when a few of nature’s finest dropped in for a visit to celebrate Earth Day 2017.

A two-toed sloth, bald eagle and a border collie trained to herd geese showed their stuff to employees who had the chance to ask questions and take pictures. Rounding out the cavalcade of animals were some flying squirrels, bats, owls, starfish, turtles, salamander, sea lamprey and a boa constrictor.

Meanwhile, more than 40 local organizations and businesses also set up displays and booths to share information about their environmental and conservation efforts.

“The event’s goal was to educate employees about the need to protect and preserve the earth and to get outside and enjoy it,” said Environmental, Health and Safety event coordinator Dave Jump.

The automaker's property is an ecosystem unto itself with more than 15,000 employees working with offices surrounded by more than 100-acres of natural wetlands, walking trails and a plethora of animals and plants. 

When the facility was designed 25 years ago, one of the specific goals was to preserve the natural environment. So it’s not just on Earth Day that we balance work and wildlife. We work hard every day to follow through on the Company’s environmental commitments.