Expedia Group’s 25th EXPLORE Conference: Championing Inclusivity and Accessibility in Global Travel

By Aditi Mohapatra, Vice President, Global Social Impact and Sustainability, Expedia Group
May 29, 2024 10:20 AM ET
image from event

This month marked Expedia Group's 25th EXPLORE partner conference. It was my third time attending, and as always it is so energizing to connect with partners and colleagues. 

I had the opportunity to host an important conversation on how to advance a more open, inclusive and accessible travel ecosystem. We featured thoughtful insights from our partners: Lawrence P. from Green Book Global and Heather Ansley from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), both organizations who we have supported via our Open World™ Accelerator program and Made to Travel™ Fund, respectively. During the session, we also previewed initial insights from our forthcoming inclusive travel research – I look forward to sharing more on that research soon! 

This work is part of our commitment to power global travel for everyone, everywhere, read more about our progress here: 2023 Global Impact Report. I’m thrilled at the strides we have made over the last year and what’s to come with our new CEO, Ariane Gorin leading our organization.

Read more about Expedia Group's drive for more inclusive travel here.