Environmental Sustainability at the BSR Conference 2014: Meeting Management

Environmental Sustainability at the BSR Conference 2014: Meeting Management

Monday, June 23, 2014 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: BSR Conference 2014: Transparency and Transformation


For more than two decades, the BSR Conference has brought together more 1,000 leaders each year to discuss the most pressing sustainable business issues of the day. This November in New York, we’ll explore the twin themes of Transparency and Transformation.

Every year, we strive to make the Conference as sustainable as possible. By investing in these efforts, we hope that the Conference demonstrates BSR’s commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Meeting Management

  • Recycling bins for glass, plastic, metal, and paper will be available on all meeting floors.
  • The hotel will recycle cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans.
  • Leftover and unused exhibitor amenities (such as tote bags and product samples) will be donated to a nonprofit organization.
  • Recycling bins will be available for name badges and lanyards.
  • Sponsor materials will not be distributed in attendee tote bags.
  • Registration badges and lanyards will be made of recycled materials.
  • Exhibitors and speakers are requested to print handouts double-sided on 100 percent post-consumer paper with vegetable-based ink and bring a minimal amount to distribute.
  • BSR has asked the exhibit freight transport company to use biodiesel fuel.
  • All communications with speakers, sponsors, and the hotel are electronic.
  • Conference registration is entirely online and confirmations are electronic.
  • Conference office equipment is all Energy Star-rated.

Join us at the BSR Conference 2014, in New York November 4-6, to discover how transformative technologies, business models, and financial valuations can produce rapid progress on the road to a more just and sustainable future. Register by June 27 for the best rates