Environmental Sustainability at the BSR Conference 2014: Food & Beverages and Measurement

Environmental Sustainability at the BSR Conference 2014: Food & Beverages and Measurement

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: BSR Conference 2014: Transparency and Transformation


For more than two decades, the BSR Conference has brought together more 1,000 leaders each year to discuss the most pressing sustainable business issues of the day. This November in New York, we’ll explore the twin themes of Transparency and Transformation.

Every year, we strive to make the Conference as sustainable as possible. By investing in these efforts, we hope that the Conference demonstrates BSR’s commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Food and Beverages

  • Food waste will be recycled and/or composted.
  • China and/or glassware will be used at all banquet functions.
  • Cloth napkins will be used in all banquet functions.
  • Polystyrene products will be avoided.
  • Condiments, except sugars and sweeteners, will be served in bulk containers.
  • Plastic water bottles will not be served. In 2013, this kept more than 5,000 from the landfill and saved US$35,000.
  • Disposable serviceware will not be used. In 2013, avoiding use of paper coffee cups saved 112 pounds of waste each day of the Conference. 
  • Menus will be crafted with local, organic, and sustainable ingredients when possible. 
  • Vegetarian meals will be available as an option. In 2013, by serving two fully vegetarian meals and minimizing meat selections, we saved 200,000 gallons of water.
  • The coffee offered will be 100 percent organic.
  • Leftover food will be donated to a local charity.


  • Waste diversion for landfill, compost, and recyclables will be measured. In 2013, our waste diversion rate was 56 percent. 
  • The degree of local and organic menu items will be tracked. In 2013, 90 percent of all food ingredients were locally sourced within 100 miles of the venue, and 70 percent of produce, dairy, and meat was certified organic.
  • The benefits of water bottle elimination and recycled-content paper use will be estimated. In 2013, by eliminating bottled water, we saved enough energy each day of the Conference to run an American household for 1,360 hours. And our use of 100 percent recycled paper was equivalent to taking one car off the road for a year. 

Join us at the BSR Conference 2014, in New York November 4-6, to discover how transformative technologies, business models, and financial valuations can produce rapid progress on the road to a more just and sustainable future. Register by June 27 for the best rates