Ecocentricity Blog: A Walk on the Beach

Mar 28, 2017 10:30 AM ET
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Ecocentricity Blog: A Walk on the Beach

Do you have a beach? Not one that you literally own, but a go-to beach place, one where you’ve vacationed multiple times over the years? You know, a place where you can say, “Yeah, that’s my beach” (but be careful with your enunciation if you’re reading this aloud to someone).

We’ve got that place in my family – Perdido Key, Florida. We’ve been staying at the same condo for decades, exactly two miles east of the Florida/Alabama state line. Which means it’s a two-mile beach walk away from the Flora-Bama, a truly spectacular dive bar (yes, another pun very much intended). Stop in if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

Next week, my son will visit our beach for the first time, and I’m excited for another generation of Laniers to experience it. It’s a place full of memories for us, and I’m sure we’ll create many new ones with him. For now, I’d like to share one particular memory I have from our beach.

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