Ecocentricity Blog: How to Build Health and Wellness

Ecocentricity Blog: How to Build Health and Wellness

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Think about how much of your day is spent indoors. Seriously, take a moment and guess a rough percentage. I’ll wait.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 1:15pm

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I’m sick. Nothing too terrible mind you, but I’ve caught some form of cold. At the moment, it’s punishing me with general unpleasantness. You know the drill – load up on Vitamin C, water and sleep, and then hope for the best.

My current state of being got me musing about the intersection of health and the environment. From my perspective, for most of the time that we’ve had an “environmental movement” (define that phrase however you like), health hasn’t been much a part of it. Instead, environmental issues have centered on challenges like clean water, air pollution, material waste, biodiversity loss, climate change and land conservation. Human health, while clearly implicated by unclean water, dirty air, and the proliferation of man-made toxins, has still been treated as a separate issue.

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