Ecocentricity Blog: Built for Flight: Retooling Our Economy to Soar

By: John A. Lanier - Reprinted from
May 20, 2020 10:30 AM ET
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Ecocentricity Blog: Built for Flight: Retooling our Economy to Soar

I have a confession, my good and faithful readers. With head-bowed and my most contrite face, I write to tell you that I cheated. Not just that I cheated, but that I cheated ON YOU. I was unfaithful, and I wrote something for another website’s audience. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for my infidelity.

Actually, on second thought…sorry, not sorry. It was super cool – I had the chance to contribute a piece for GreenBiz that ran last week. Here it is, and I’d be honored if you clicked on over and gave it a read. And to Joel Makower and everyone at GreenBiz, a big thank you for running it!

It’s a bit longer than a normal blog, so I’ll keep these remarks short. The idea of the piece was to highlight the macroeconomic flaws that have been revealed by COVID-19. Further, this virus is not the only economic shock that has been or will be experienced (cough, the climate crisis, cough). I believe that our economy can evolve to become more resilient in the face of such shocks.

Thanks y’all, and I promise I’ll be back with a normal blog post just for you next week. Cheers!

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