CVS Caremark CSR: Leader in Growth

CVS Caremark CSR: Leader in Growth

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 10:10am

CAMPAIGN: Leader in Growth

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Over the last decade, there has been greater emphasis on how a company operates and conducts its business affairs, beyond what it returns to its investors. While growth and return on investment will always be determinants of a successful business, we believe there is more to the equation when considering a company’s long-term viability and value to society.

First, a company employs people. In the case of CVS Caremark, we employ more than 200,000 people – our colleagues – the vast majority of whom are in the United States. Since one measure of a strong company is the vitality of its workforce, we understand the importance of providing jobs and career opportunities to people of all walks of life, and strive to create a workplace environment where our colleagues can grow, thrive and feel cared for.

The last decade has also ushered in the era of corporate transparency, making it easier for stakeholders, including shareholders, to assess a company’s business practices and determine how companies are addressing their CSR priorities and operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Being a Leader in Growth is a strategic focus of our Prescription for a Better World. We have three priorities in this area: investing in our people; operating with integrity; and conducting business responsibly.


Investing in Our People

  • Job creation, benefits and career development
  • Diversity

Operating with Integrity

  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Information governance
  • Transparency and disclosure

Conducting Business Responsibly

  • Human rights in the supply chain
  • Diversity in the supply chain

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