CSRHub Connects to CEN-ESG

Apr 4, 2024 8:30 AM ET
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As previously seen on the CSRHub blog.

CEN-ESG combines deep sustainability insights with a keen understanding of financial markets to help companies and investors meet the evolving demands of sustainability performance. In the course of its work, it has helped public and private entities maximise their sustainability potential, performance and ESG disclosure, using a sound and transparent methodology.

CSRHub is now integrating this data into its consensus ESG ratings system. CEN-ESG’s ratings are different from most of CSRHub’s current sources because they are based on a detailed assessment of the broader ESG ecosystem. We found a relatively high correlation between CEN-ESG’s Total Score (which includes E, S, and G information) and CSRHub’s Overall Rating.

See 38% Correlation Between CEN-ESG Total Score and CSRHub Scores Chart

However, as we drill down, the correlation between CEN-ESG’s data and CSRHub’s information diverges. For instance, the correlation for just the Environmental category is about half of the overall correlation.

See 19% Correlation Between CEN-ESG and CSRHub Environment Scores Chart

This reflects the fact that CEN-ESG is using its own methodology (different from the aggregate of the 900+ other sources that CSRHub ingests). It also suggests as hinted above that CEN-ESG assessments capture granular insights about an entity’s performance that are not generally known by sustainability ratings groups as a whole.

CEN-ESG developed CENintel to help companies and investors improve sustainability reporting and the management of ESG-related risks and opportunities. We believe that CSRHub’s clients would be interested in this unique approach and that CEN-ESG’s clients would benefit from blending the current inside-out view of corporate sustainability performance with CSRHub’s outside-in evaluation.

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