CSR Report Special Edition Presents CSR for Investors: "Reputational Risk and Energy Companies"

Apr 8, 2011 4:30 PM ET

3BL Media, the experts in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability communications, has launched “CSRreport Special Edition: CSR for Investors” on Reuters Insider. The 12-part video series will give an overview of how corporate social responsibility is affecting the bottom line of public companies, and how investors and traders are increasingly including CSR in their decision-making.

The twelfth segment, “Reputational Risk and Energy Companies,” looks a how non-financial factors related to sustainability are putting major pressure on the bottom lines of oil, gas, coal, and electric power businesses. CERES, a coalition of investors and environmental groups, reports that 66 shareholder resolutions related to climate change and alternative energy have been filed with 41 energy companies for the 2011 proxy season.   Click here to view Reputational Risk and Energy Companies on Reuters Insider.
  The series has debuted exclusively on Reuters Insider, an interactive on-demand video platform designed to change the way financial professionals consume and distribute news, research and information. Reuters Insider combines in-depth commentary and analysis from Thomson Reuters with that from select content partners, and distributes this to over 550,000 financial professionals worldwide.
   http://insider.thomsonreuters.com    CSRreport Special Edition: “CSR for Investors” can be subsequently viewed on the 3BL Media CSR and Sustainability Channel on Reuters Insider and throughout the 3BL Media distribution network of affiliates, aggregators, portals, research databases, social networks and online communities.   For additional information, please contact:
John Howell, Producer 3BL Media
 866-508-0993 x121