CSR Manager's Complete Guide to Stakeholder Engagement

Research and Insights from Leading Academics and Managers
Feb 25, 2011 10:00 AM ET

The CSR Manager's Complete Guide to Stakeholder Engagement

Planning Guide

Is your company "Giving Back", "Building Bridges" or "Changing Society"? This review of 568 academic and industry papers by management researcher Dr. Frances Bowen provides a three-step model for assessing and improving your current community engagement strategy.

Read the report... Video: Tips for Successful Stakeholder Engagement
From managing controversy to involving senior management, sustainability leaders offer their insights for successful stakeholder engagement. Watch the video... Insights: The Benefits of Social Trust and Innovation
Managers and academics share their thoughts on the future of stakeholder engagement. View presentations... Primer: Intro to Stakeholder Engagement
This cheat sheet for managers, written by management researcher Dr. Marie-France Turcotte, includes key terms and issues, steps for implementing your engagement strategy, and additional resources. Read more...
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