Cooler Return Program Is a ‘Win-Win’ for Lab

UC-Berkeley’s Glaunsinger Lab reduces environmental impact by reusing coolers for its temperature-sensitive reagents, chemicals and kits.
Feb 6, 2018 9:30 AM ET

Originally published on Healthcare Packaging

By Jim Butschli

As a believer in the coexistence of science and the environment, the Glaunsinger Lab at the University of California-Berkeley takes a proactive approach to its efforts to recycle and reuse coolers needed for the storage and shipment of temperature-sensitive reagents, chemicals and kits.

That approach, however, became more difficult to adhere to as the number of polystyrene cooler return programs dwindled, representing a disturbing trend to Lab Manager Jennifer Blancas. To remedy that environmental concern, the Glaunsinger Lab now works with MilliporeSigma. “They’re one of the few vendors that have a cooler return program,” she explains.

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