The Connected Traveler: Exploring Digital Travel Tech Trends

Sep 14, 2022 5:00 PM ET
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Let’s face it: A vacation isn’t a vacation anymore without a mobile phone. Just ask Jason – who recently dropped his in the pool while traveling abroad. Our smartphones are a lifeline when traveling, and we may not even realize how dependent we’ve become on them. Despite some initial “rebooting” challenges, world travel is once again in full swing – with a lot of pandemic-era digital enhancements. Many Americans have taken part in the latest post-COVID travel boom, and the trend is expected to continue this fall and through the holiday season, with more than a third of Americans planning to take a trip in the next three months.

Thankfully, we have a travel guru to help us (quite literally) navigate this new terrain. On this episode, hosts Jason and Shawna are joined by Mitra Sorrells, editor in chief at travel industry bible PhocusWire, to discuss everything from booking a hotel from the back of a cab, to contactless check-ins at airports and keyless hotel rooms, and more! So hop aboard your floating flamingo and join us at our poolside workstation — on Mobile Diaries.

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