Comcast Helps Tech Goes Home Connect Seniors With Laptops and Internet Essentials

Comcast Helps Tech Goes Home Connect Seniors With Laptops and Internet Essentials

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 9:15am

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As part of ongoing efforts to address digital inequity, Comcast recently gave 500 brand new laptops to seniors in Boston who completed Tech Goes Home (TGH) digital literacy training. Comcast also provided TGH with a $25,000 grant that will help the organization connect more seniors in Greater Boston with digital devices, Internet Essentials and digital skills training. 

With Comcast’s support, TGH will continue to expand its three-legged-stool approach to digital inclusion. Without access to a computer or tablet, high-speed internet, or the skills to use those tools effectively, thousands of seniors in Greater Boston and Massachusetts are isolated and unable to access critical services – especially in the wake of COVID-19. By providing laptops, along with vital funding, Comcast is helping TGH equip seniors with the tools and knowledge to better access healthcare, participate in social events, connect with loved ones and more. 

“We are deeply appreciative of Comcast’s commitment to help reduce digital inequity in our communities, and particularly among seniors, who face some of the most significant barriers to engaging in the digital world,” said Tech Goes Home Co-CEO Theodora Hanna. “As one of our wonderful TGH instructors said, ‘There is no age for technology, technology is for all generations.’ Comcast’s support will help us offer digital devices, internet connectivity, and culturally-competent training to more seniors and, ultimately, reach our goal of serving 5,500 learners in 2021, including 15 percent over the age of 55.” 

For more than a decade, Comcast NBCUniversal has been on a mission to address digital inequity. Building on this substantial work, coupled with a $1 billion digital equity commitment over the next 10 years and associated initiatives, we are working to leverage technology, internet connectivity and digital skills training as pathways to create personal and professional growth opportunities for people of all ages.

“Comcast recognizes the urgency of addressing persistent barriers to broadband adoption in our communities, and we welcome the opportunity to support TGH’s critically important work throughout Greater Boston and beyond,” said Tim Kelly, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs in Comcast’s Greater Boston Region. “The combination of Internet Essentials, laptops and digital literacy training is the recipe for success in a digital world.”