Colorado Rocky Mountain School 1999 Graduate Leading the Way in Cause-Marketing and Sustainability

Jan 6, 2010 5:16 PM ET


Simon  Isaacs, Colorado Rocky Mountain School class of 1999


Simon Isaacs is a leading thinker in sustainability and cause-related marketing. Simon is a Vice President at ignition Inc where he leads the cause-marketing division, working with corporate and nonprofit brands develop and launch global awareness, fundraising and marketing campaigns around issues such as clean water, malaria, HIV/AIDS and education.  Simon’s clients include the Coca-Cola Company, Gucci, Chick-Fil-A, BP, the World Wildlife Fund, the Ubuntu Education Fun, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations Foundation among others.  Simon also helps lead cause and sustainability work around the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Vancouver Olympics.

Simon previously lived in Rwanda where he worked for the William J. Clinton Foundation, directing safe drinking water and agriculture programs. Prior to Rwanda, Simon served as a Partnerships Officer at the United Nations Foundation where he raised and managed more than $30 million in corporate partnerships in support of the UN's disaster and development efforts. Simon is also responsible for helping to establish the Global Water Challenge.

Simon is an active climber and runner, placing 2nd in the San Francisco Marathon.  In 2007, Simon ran on foot around the world as part of the Blue Planet Run to raise awareness and funds for the drinking water cause.  In January, 2010, Simon is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with several celebrities and global influencers which is also part of a clean-water focused campaign.  Simon is an expert blogger for Fast Company and is currently writing a book on cause-marketing.

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