Collaborating for a Cause

How Boston Scientific and IBM Research joined forces to use AI to help patients living with chronic pain
Jul 8, 2022 9:45 AM ET

Originally published by The Medicine Maker

By Maryam Mahdi

Boston Scientific and IBM Research are collaborating to create an AI-based platform that provides doctors with personalized insights into patients’ experiences with chronic pain – measuring and analyzing those experiences in a way that would not be possible without AI. By collating data from spinal cord stimulation therapy studies, the team are developing an approach that will “objectively and continuously measure chronic pain” in a bid to move medical assessment and treatment beyond arbitrary descriptors of pain level or strength.

We caught up with Rafael Carbunaru, Vice President of Research and Development, Neuromodulation, Boston Scientific, and Jeff Rogers, Global Research Leader for Digital Health at IBM Research, to talk about the platform and the role AI will play in the future treatment landscape for chronic pain.

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