The Clarivate Commitment to Safeguarding Personal Data

Jul 28, 2021 4:00 PM ET

Originally published in the Clarivate Annual Sustainability Report

At Clarivate, data is our business. We take it seriously and believe in trust and transparency – especially when it comes to protecting personal data. Our ongoing commitment to promoting responsible data use will help drive a more sustainable society. We’ve created a robust and effective data protection program with policies and procedures that reflect internationally accepted principles of transparency, accountability and individual rights.

To be effective, data protection policies must be managed as an evolving program that is continually reviewed, advanced and tested to make sure our actions reflect our promises. In addition to investing in data protection technology, we’ve built a team of full-time, dedicated privacy professionals led by our Chief Privacy Officer. They are diligent guardians of our privacy policies, helping us adhere to our guiding principles and stay ahead of evolving privacy and data protection laws.

Our guiding principles

  • Transparency and choice: Help individuals understand how their personal data is used, what their rights are and how they’re empowered to control their data
  • Accountability: Remain accountable for our practices by reporting how we’re doing on meeting our data privacy obligations and responsibilities
  • Security: Promote the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the personal data we process through our ongoing commitment to security and privacy

2020 milestones

  1. Launched the Clarivate Privacy Center to surface all our public facing privacy notices, principles and practices in one place for more clarity and transparency
  2. Signed up to be a Data Privacy Day Champion with the National Cyber Security Alliance
  3. Launched a new, mandatory privacy training program for all colleagues, reporting out quarterly
  4. Implemented data privacy management technology across Clarivate, enabling greater efficiency and ensuring stringent compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR

2021 goals

  1. Increase third-party privacy oversight
  2. Improve record-keeping maturation and automation
  3. Enhance privacy incident response readiness and testing
  4. Continue to monitor changes to cross-border transfers requirements and implement remedial measures as needed

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