Chemours CEO Visits Sustainable Mining Operation in Georgia

Nov 6, 2023 12:45 PM ET

Georgia is on my mind after a great visit with the team at our Mission Mine in Southeast Georgia. Chemours is committed to our domestic mining operations which are an integral part of our Titanium Technologies business, but our success begins with our people, and I enjoyed hearing from the team about how they are leading the way in sustainable mining while meeting the needs of key domestic supply chains.

We are committed to leaving each mining site in a condition as good as—or better than—its condition when we arrived. Responsible use of natural resources requires a stewardship commitment in every stage, from extraction to processing and manufacturing to disposal. As part of our sustainability commitments, Chemours restores each of its mine sites to its pre-mine condition and works to restore mined areas as soon as possible.

In addition, on mined lands where there was disturbance prior to mine reclamation regulation, Chemours is committed to habitat enhancement that will return the lands to productive use and improve their value to wildlife. As a result of these efforts in 2022, we achieved Responsible Care® (RC) 14001 certification at all of our mining sites in Georgia and Florida. Additionally, we reclaimed 173 acres of disturbed lands, re-establishing the sites as wetlands, commercial pine plantations, or pastures, depending on landowner and regulatory requirements.

I want to thank the entire team at our Mission Mine for the productive time together and all the great work you’re doing. These minerals are essential, and we are committed to producing them safely and responsibly.

Mark Newman is the President and CEO of The Chemours Company, a different kind of chemistry company whose products impact every part of modern day living and enable a greener, low carbon future. Read more about Chemours’ progress toward achieving its Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals in the latest Sustainability Report