Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

Regions Bank associates gather for a beloved annual Lunar New Year event.
Apr 29, 2024 11:00 AM ET

By Allison Aicher 

Regions Bank associates gathered in early 2024 to celebrate the Year of the Dragon at the Lunar New Year event, hosted by the Atlanta Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network.

Regions has established a growing number of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Networks for associates throughout the bank’s geographic footprint, The associate-led networks strive to create a workplace where everyone can thrive, supporting associate development through interactive programming, workshops and the availability of network leaders.

This is the 11th year that Regions associates have gathered to learn more about the Lunar New Year and share the favorite traditions and cultures of those who celebrate every year. Atlanta associates gathered for an in-person lunch with treats and a photo booth before a companywide virtual event was held.

Approximately 55 people joined in person while the virtual event reached over 600 associates.

“We started this event 11 years ago, then took it virtual during COVID,” says Consumer Credit Risk Executive Tom Bloetscher, who serves as executive sponsor for the event. “It’s amazing to see what it has grown into and how it gets better and better each year.”

Vivian Xiong has led the planning on this event for 11 years, along with a team of her colleagues from Data and Analytics and Consumer Credit Risk, and with support from the Atlanta DEI Workplace subcommittee. Approximately 55 people joined in person while the virtual event reached over 600 associates. Associates had a lively chat during the event, making this an incredibly interactive time for remote and in-person attendees.

Associates learned fun facts about Lunar New Year traditions, and how the representation of dragons in American culture differs from Asian cultures. Sasha Li and Xiang Li gave presentations highlighting the delicious foods eaten throughout the holiday throughout Asia. Associates learned the difference in the solar and lunar calendars as well as what predictions 2024 held for the different animal signs of the lunar zodiac. Henry Wu even gave a quick martial arts lesson! The event ended with a compilation video from previous Regions associates wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. It really tied it all together in how we are all one Regions family and life is so much brighter when we support one another.

Regions DEI Areas of Impact

Diversity, equity and inclusion activities at Regions are focused on three areas of impact: workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Workforce: We view diversity as a competitive advantage that enhances business performance and generates innovative solutions by fostering a broader range of perspectives and ideas.

Workplace: We create and maintain a work environment that is inclusive, and where associates are encouraged to collaborate across differences.

Marketplace: We leverage DEI and social responsibility focus to strengthen our relationships with communities, clients, customers and external stakeholders.