Celebrating Women in Construction: The Home Depot Foundation Spotlights Path to Pro Scholars

Mar 5, 2024 10:40 AM ET
Campaign: Focus on People

Originally published on Built From Scratch

This year, Women in Construction (WIC) week runs from March 3-9, 2024. Founded by the National Association of Women in Construction, this week is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the role of women in the skilled trades industry.

Today, The Home Depot Foundation is highlighting a few women who have participated in the Path to Pro program as they share why they’ve chosen to embark on this career journey.


"When I overcome a challenge that 15-year-old Melany would assume she could never overcome, I feel stronger. I feel like I'm Wonder Woman. I see myself in the future as my own CEO, and I see myself talking to younger women and inspiring them. I really love my job in electrical work. I do have a passion for it."


"Like most women, the skilled trades industry was not presented to me as a career choice, and I had to go explore it on my own. My passion for the construction industry is driven by my want for change. There are many opportunities for women in the skilled trades, and I want to dismantle the negative dialogue surrounding those working in the field."


"I want to be a mentor for young girls who may not consider construction as a career option. I want to break down the gender barriers in this industry and empower the next generation of female builders. I want to be the mentor that I always needed."


"Being raised on a 100-acre farm with three generations of skilled tradespeople has given me the drive to learn and pursue a career in industrial electricity. My mother was a residential electrician for most of my childhood, so watching her help wire houses for Habitat for Humanity gave me the confidence to apply for a trade school despite being a woman in a male dominated field."

The Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation are committed to educating more people in the skilled trades and helping them find careers in the home improvement industry through our Path to Pro program.

Since the program’s inception, the Foundation’s trades-focused partnerships have trained more than 41,000 participants and introduced more than 210,000 people to the skilled trades, surpassing its commitment to train 20,000 people six years ahead of schedule. Learn more at PathtoPro.com.

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