Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Trailblazers

Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Trailblazers

Text: "Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Trailblazers, swipe to learn more"
Image of Frank Kameny with text: Astronomer-turned-civil rights pioneer who played a crucial role in persuading the American Psychiatric Association to delist same-sex attraction as a mental disorder.
Photo of Kay Lahusen with text: "Famed photographer who documented the historical movement against anti-LGBTQIA+ conversion therapy."
Photo of Dr. Richard Isay with text: "A psychiatrist and gay rights activist, Dr. Isay led the charge in convincing the American Psychiatric Association to treat providers the same regardless of their sexuality and to promote LGBTQIA+ research within the network."

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 11:10am

CAMPAIGN: Alkermes: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

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Pride Month is a time for us to celebrate the important strides made to support and advance LGBTQIA+ mental health. See the images to learn about several queer mental health trailblazers and keep up with us as we share resources all month long.

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