Castaways or Commodities, What do You See?

Jun 25, 2014 1:30 PM ET
Campaign: See Opportunity
Castaways or commodities, what do you see?

Castaways or commodities, what do you see?

An Enactus team in France saw a way to teach people with social and professional difficulties to collect and refurbish household appliances to sell, giving them finances for today and skills for future employment. How many people have been introduced to the importance of recycling? Find out here.


About Enactus

Enactus is an international organization dedicated to enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. We provide a platform for university students to collaborate with business and academic leaders in the development of entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. The quality and impact of the students’ projects are evaluated by leading executives through a series of regional, national and global competitions. The Enactus experience not only transforms the lives of the people we serve, it also transforms the lives of the students as they develop into entrepreneurially-minded, socially-responsible leaders.