Canadian Healthcare Finds Serving Poor Citizens A Challenge

Beyond Barriers: Photographs from the Frontlines of Health explores the complexities of providing care that is sensitive to the physical, psychological and mental challenges of Canada's poor and homeless citizens.
Jun 9, 2010 10:24 AM ET

In a city that considers itself to be the economic capital of Canada, the presence of homeless people struggling to survive on Toronto’s streets is an uncomfortable reminder that approximately 18% of Canadians are living in deep poverty.  For many, the basic requirements of survival – secure food, shelter and clothing – are beyond reach.  Our healthcare institutions face a growing and complex challenge – to provide care that is sensitive to the physical, psychological and mental challenges of our poor and homeless citizens.

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The exhibit is presented by AstraZeneca Canada’s Frontline Health Program, which supports the work of the dedicated health professionals who serve Canada’s most vulnerable populations.

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