Can Mobile Texting Help Turn The Tide Of Poverty?

Jun 12, 2014 12:40 PM ET

Original article on Forbes

By Judith Magyar, Director, Strategic Communications, SAP Global Mobility Solutions

In this day and age when minimum wage in most countries does little to lift people out of poverty, technology can help turn the tide. Emprego Ligado, a blue-collar employment site in São Paulo, connects unskilled workers to the jobs closest to their homes, saving people time and money that would be spent on tedious commutes in the most populous metropolitan area in the Americas.

Call centers, construction sites, cleaning companies, and the service industry typically experience high turnover rates in a city where getting to work can take hours. People who have cars inch their way through massive traffic jams, and people who don’t, crawl along in crowded buses and mini vans. While São Paulo’s metro and train lines transport almost 7.5 million passengers every day, it’s still not enough to ease rush hour as millions of people commute to work.

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Original source: Forbes