H&M and Water

H&M and Water

In January 2013 WWF and H&M announced a ground breaking water partnership for a unique holistic strategy for water stewardship. The strategy is based on H&M´s long record of efforts in this area over the past ten years. In a three year partnership, we work together to put this new water strategy into practice and deliver real change along our entire value chain. According to WWF no other fashion company has such a comprehensive global water strategy.

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WWF and H&M Develop New Cutting Edge Water Strategy
Conservation organisation WWF and fashion company H&M have entered into a three year global partnership. Side by side, a new H&M water strategy has been formed which is a game changer in the fashion industry, as it takes the whole supply chain into account and goes far beyond the factory lines. 
Jan 24, 2013 2:00 AM ET


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