Call for Entries in Zoosa's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Database

Organizations get free access to promote CSR efforts & social impact goals
Jan 26, 2010 10:45 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Los Angeles, CA, [January 26, 2010] – Zoosa has issued a call for entries in the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) database which moves beyond the usual CSR marketing fluff and delivers searchable CSR results. Organizations can enter their "verified" information directly and/or socially responsible professionals can enter "unverified" corporate data for others to view, comment on, and prioritize.

Zoosa’s new CSR database, which is currently free and open to all organizations, will bring transparency to CSR programs and make it possible for organizations to connect with individuals who are not currently stakeholders. By making CSR results searchable, individuals will be able to find and engage organizations having a social impact in the areas they care about – be it the environment, charitable giving, community support, employee benefits, supplier diversity, human rights, or a combination of them all.

Individuals will also be challenged to communicate their social impact interests to organizations in a measurable, quantitative format. Brian Fleming, Zoosa’s CTO, explains, "Rather than simply visiting an organization’s page and saying ‘good work’, an individual first needs to indicate their affiliation – as a customer, employee, or investor – and then rank their priorities with regards to the organization’s CSR programs. This feedback will help an organization understand how their CSR spending corresponds to their stakeholders’ interests."

It only takes an organization 5 minutes to set up a corporate profile and there is no cost to participate – all Zoosa asks for is feedback regarding new feature development. Mike McGlade, Zoosa’s CEO, continues, "Since I was initially supported by a grant from Harvard Business School, Zoosa does not charge organizations to promote their social impact and engage their stakeholders. Our number one goal at this point in time is to build a useful resource for the social enterprise sector."

Organizations can create their corporate profile by visiting or contacting Zoosa directly.

For more information, contact Zoosa’s CEO, Mike McGlade at or 617-999-8539. 

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Zoosa ( is a social enterprise business with a mission to highlight socially responsible individuals and organizations. In doing so, Zoosa’s goal is to help socially responsible individuals connect with others who share their interests while encouraging their friends, family, and organizations to report their social impact.


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