The Business of Sustainability: Exploring the Circular Economy With SAP’s Stephen Jamieson

Jul 20, 2023 10:35 AM ET
Exploring the Circular Economy With SAP’s Stephen Jamieson

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Hey everyone, Tom Raftery here with another enlightening episode of Climate Confident! This time, we're diving deep into the circular economy with none other than Stephen Jamieson, Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions at SAP whose voice might just remind you of a famous actor - can you guess who?

Stephen gives us an in-depth view of how businesses and regulations are shifting focus to circular strategies, specifically in plastics and packaging. Trust me, you'll be as astounded as I was to learn just how big an impact we've made (or rather, not made) in becoming a circular economy. Stephen's insights are a must-hear for all climate change advocates.

We also discuss the implications of these strategies, from biodiversity loss to human health. As Stephen points out, it's not just about waste management but also climate change, and even our personal health!

Key to this episode is understanding how businesses are measuring compliance to these new regulations. It's a complex process, and Stephen does an amazing job explaining how technology is aiding in understanding and managing these metrics.

One of the standout parts of our conversation was hearing about businesses responding to these changes. We talk about concrete examples - even my personal observation about my favorite beer in Spain ditching plastic rings for cardboard holders!

We also look into the future. What comes next in this drive towards a more circular economy? Stephen’s thoughts on this are as compelling as they are insightful.

So tune in, and while you're at it, try and guess which famous actor Stephen's voice reminds you of. I'll give you a clue, he's quite charming!

Join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore how businesses, regulations, and technology intertwine in the race towards a circular economy. I promise you'll walk away not just more climate confident, but also entertained!

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Keep caring about our planet and thanks for tuning in

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