Built in Names Workiva a 2021 Top Tech Disruptor

Apr 26, 2021 1:30 PM ET

Workiva Inc. (NYSE:WK) was named a Top Tech Disruptor by Built In, an online community that shares content and career opportunities with a national audience of tech entrepreneurs, thought leaders and job seekers.

Workiva was among 23 top tech organizations recognized for planting an early stake in the ground in the tech space, and cementing their place in the industry with radical new business models, emerging technologies, and supporting a culture that drives innovation and success.

Built In writes:

Harvard Business Review says disruption occurs when a newcomer successfully develops a product or service that can target a segment of an industry otherwise overlooked by incumbent players. Success gives them a foothold, from which they can move into more competitive markets.

But what does that look like in practice? Here, we’ve assembled 23 companies that we believe are exemplary disruptors within their respective industries — from e-commerce logistics to fintech integrations to SaaS platforms — and attempted to define the key ways in which they’ve disrupted their markets.

It’s important to note that tech disruptors come in all shapes and sizes — The Aerospace Corporation has been around since the early space race, for example, while Dawn Foods is a century old. Companies like Apptio, Workiva, ServiceNow, Anaplan, Okta and others on this list all anticipated the boom in cloud computing, big data, software-as-a-service platforms and other trends that defined the last decade in tech. As we spoke to founders, executives and team leaders at tech disruptors across the country about the roots of their early success and the industry trends they’re tracking today, it became clear that how you double down on early wins is just as important as the initial disruption.

See the full list of 2021 Top Tech Disrupters.


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