Brightening up the Branding for Pro Bono Client Portland Sunshine Division

Oct 15, 2014 2:55 PM ET

Waggener Edstrom Blog by Elise Raher

Portland has one of the densest nonprofit landscapes in the Nation.  This competition for resources makes it important for organizations to clearly state their mission and be easily identifiable by donors, volunteers, and the populations they serve. Waggener Edstrom employees have had the opportunity to work with many of Portland’s local organizations through our Corporate Citizenship program and the company’s investment in community involvement. The Portland Sunshine Division, a local nonprofit since 1923, is an organization where WE employees have volunteered  for a number of years. Employees help to pack food boxes delivered to families, sort clothing, and organize the food pantry. Through these volunteer days, WE has built a strong relationship with the Portland Sunshine Division and values the services that they offer to the community.  In turn, the Portland Sunshine Division has learned more about Waggener Edstrom’s culture and the expertise of WE’s employees in the field of public relations, marketing communications, and design.

Last Winter, we took our relationship with the Portland Sunshine Division to a new level. Executive director, Kyle Camberg recognized the need to refresh their brand to align with their focus, mission and goals. For the past nine months, WE’s creative team worked with The Portland Sunshine Division to design a new logo, brand guidelines, marketing collateral and materials such as the banners during the holiday season, which line Portland streets. Today they have a fresh, inspiring and modern brand that communicates their mission, reinforces the impact of their work in the community and attracts the much needed support to allow them to serve over 2.13 million pounds of food to people in need throughout the year.

Please view the video to hear more about the full rebranding package that was created for Pro Bono client The Portland Sunshine Division and the creative process that went into the design. Follow more of WE’s Citizenship efforts on twitter @WE_Citizen