Boeing Celebrates Energy Awareness Month by Sharing Conservation Tools

Conserving energy is good for the planet, its people and businesses
Oct 22, 2018 3:45 PM ET

SEATTLE, October 22, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Boeing will share a suite of energy-conservation promotional tools to help the International Aerospace Environmental Group – an aerospace nonprofit created to share innovative environmental solutions with the industry –  engage their employees to reduce energy consumption to mark National Energy Awareness Month.

The Environmental Protection Agency, who originally developed the materials for their Battle of the Buildings competition, has permitted Boeing to adopt, adapt and share the tool kit to enable other companies to reduce energy consumption in the aerospace industry.

“We know that IAEG members, like Boeing, are looking at their carbon footprint by making products and services as efficient as possible,” said Steve Shestag, director of environment, at Boeing. “We also need to look at our work sites and the energy we’re consuming, and major industrial companies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas by using these tools.”

Boeing has proven that these tools work. In April, Boeing held a month-long energy reduction competition with 47 participating sites, 12 locations saved at least 10 percent. Enterprise electricity consumption declined by 1.6 percent— enough to power more than 3,500 average homes for a year, saving Boeing $2.2 million if sustained for a year.

 “The cleanest and least expensive energy doesn’t come from a turbine or a roof panel, it comes from not being consumed in the first place,” said Crystal Frost, Boeing leader for employee behaviors and conservation. ”We tapped into our employees’ competitive nature and showed that simple, low-cost and fun actions have positive impact on business.”

Conserving energy is a matter of making it easier for employees to take action, giving them simple ways to change their behavior. This tool kit breaks down big changes into specific actions that people can sustain over time with the knowledge that early successes lay a foundation for long-term successes.

IAEG members can request tool kits by contacting Elizabeth Holleman at

Tool kit includes: planning templates, posters, banners, electronic images, exercises, fun reminders.

The IAEG is a non-profit organization of global aerospace companies – including Boeing – created to collaborate on and share innovative environmental solutions for the industry. The group works to promote the development of voluntary consensus standards and provide accessible solutions for key environmental issues.

In 2017, Boeing approved an ambitious 2025 environment strategy, including reduction targets. These targets include a 25 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, 20 percent reductions in water consumption and less solid waste to landfill, a 10 percent reduction in energy usage, and a five percent drop in hazardous waste using 2017 as a baseline. From 2007 to 2017, we reduced greenhouse gas emissions 29 percent while growing our business and increasing aircraft deliveries by 71 percent.