Birds, Bees, People and Trees Help Brazilian NGO's Firefighting Efforts

By Judith Magyar
Aug 23, 2022 1:30 PM ET

Originally published on Forbes

Data based

When it comes to data, though, things have gotten better. A dedicated team at SAP Brazil developed a geo-referencing, image recording and real-time data platform that’s helping Brigada Carcará fight forest fires, rescue bees and plant trees in a broad reforestation program.

“The platform helped us modernize our entire service structure and enables us to generate the essential data for monitoring and analyzing occurrences in real-time,” said Marcio Amorim, co-founder of the non-profit organization dedicated to protecting people, wildlife and nature. “We’re experiencing a completely new reality thanks to the technology. Previously we relied totally on the manual input of data, which led to errors and was not providing the visibility needed for preventive action.”

Amorim and team were using outdated maps and are now tracking and tracing everything using GPS coordinates on their mobile devices, capturing images of the damage, measure the impacted territory and identify the species and number of animals killed and wounded.

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