Bilal's "Last" Stand - Inspire & Empower 1 MM Youth

Nov 29, 2010 3:00 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) November 29, 2010 - Bilal's Stand is now on the Kickstarter, a fundraising website for creative projects worldwide. Projects that are on the site set a monetary goal and a timeline. Supporters or "backers" of each creative project will then pledge money in exchange for products or experiences involved in the project. If the monetary goal is not achieved within allotted time, then the project will not get funded and backers do not have to pay the amount pledged. 

Bilal's Stand's goal is to raise $18,000  to continue our national tour. The film is currently on tour, and has screened at the University of Michigan, Princeton, Virginia Tech and dozens of other colleges. Our job is not done!  Our mission, with the help of Kickstarter and you, is to continue inspiring and empowering youth around the country by giving each high school the opportunity to see the film. Schools that have seen the film have used it as a socially conscious media outlet, to inspire positive action towards bettering youth and the community that they live in. 

The money pledged will go towards investing in many pieces over the next 2 months as we prepare to release Bilal's Stand ourselves.These include:

  • 10 "Making of Bilal's Stand" webisodes drawn from 100+ hours of footage over 4+ years

  • Creation of publicity materials, including posters, t-shirts, fliers and buttons

  • Finishing off sound and visual elements of the film, including animations

  • Hiring top-notch publicists to draw attention to the cause

  • Funding of screenings at schools and organizations that lack the funds to pay for it themselves

To help fund our project on Kickstarter, please click here.

Please visit our website and follow us online to learn more:

Bilal’s Stand is currently accepting requests from schools, districts, and community groups to be a part of this exclusive release opportunity. Visit for more information. 

Take A Stand
The Take A Stand campaign uses socially conscious media to inspire positive action towards bettering yourself and your community. We give a platform to those who have either overcome adversity or have been moved to action in an innovative way. Take A Stand forms conversations around important topics and captures your stories through personal dialogues, collective action in the community, and creating and posting videos.


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