Big Change for Box Tops

By Kevin Hunt
Aug 19, 2019 10:45 AM ET

No more clipping Box Tops and sending them to school.

A new and improved Box Tops for Education mobile app, officially launched last month, is now being used to scan store receipts.

No doubt, it’s a big change.

But the goal of the program remains the same – to help schools earn money from purchases of participating products.

The app will automatically identify Box Tops products and instantly add cash to your school’s earnings online, giving you visibility to see how you’re supporting your school in real-time.

“This change will help us modernize the program for the next generation of participants,” says Lilly Moeding, assistant manager, Box Tops for Education. “We’re rebuilding Box Tops for Education from the ground up so we can continue the program for years to come and stay true to our mission of helping schools get what they need.”

Listen to Moeding talk about the change, in this audio clip.

Since Box Tops for Education launched in 1996, 70,000 schools have earned more than $913 million. That has helped pay for much-needed art supplies, field trips, playground equipment, library books and much more.

Now, anyone who wants to support a school can just download the app, select a school to support and start scanning store receipts.

New packaging of participating products has the new Box Tops label – which says “No more clipping, scan your receipt” – which replaces the traditional Box Tops clips.

So, about those traditional clips, they’re still around. At least for a little while.

“We will continue to honor all clips until they hit their expiration date,” Moeding says. “And better yet, a lot of our brands are allowing a double dip. So during this packaging transition, supporters can send the traditional clips to their school and they also can scan their grocery receipt in the mobile app to earn double the cash for their school.”

The Box Tops program expects to move away from the traditional clips for the majority of participating Box Tops brands by the end of 2019. Meanwhile, the team expects to attract more brands into the program with its move to digital.

Visit for more information, including the “New Program FAQs” and the list of brands that participate in the program.